Books published in 2008

book cover Denial: History Betrayed
Author: Tony Taylor
Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing
book cover Garden Cuttings
Editor: Helen Forgasz
Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd
book cover Gender and Occupational Outcomes
Editors: Dr. Helen M. G. Watt and Dr. Jacquelynne S. Eccles
Publisher: American Psychological Association
book cover International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education. Volume 1: Knowledge and Beliefs in Mathematics Teaching and Teaching Development (pdf)
Editors: Peter Sullivan and Terry Woods
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Leading with Teacher Emotions in Mind
Authors: Kenneth A. Leithwood and Brenda Beatty
Publisher: Corwin Press Inc.
book cover Looking into Practice: Cases of Science Teaching and Learning (Volume 3)
Editors: John Loughran and Amanda Berry
Publisher: Monash Print Services
book cover Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs about Teaching and Learning
Author: Anastasios Barkatsas
Publisher: VDM Verlag Dr Muller
book cover Plagiarism, the Internet, and Student Learning - Improving Academic Integrity
Author: Wendy Sutherland-Smith
Publisher: Routledge
book cover Research in Mathematics Education in Australasia 2004 - 2007
Editors: Helen Forgasz,Anastasios Barkatsas, Alan Bishop, Barbara Clarke, Stephen Keast, Wee Tiong Seah and Peter Sullivan
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Studying Children: A Cultural-Historical Approach
Authors: Marianne Hedegaard and Marilyn Fleer
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
book cover Teaching English as an International Language: Identity, Resistance and Negotiation
Author: Ha Phan
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
book cover The Literacy Wars
Author: Ilana Snyder
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
book cover The Making of Irish Traditional Music
Author: Helen O'Shea
Publisher: Cork University Press
book cover Voices from the Margins: School Experiences of Indigenous, Refugee and Migrant Children
Editors: Eva Alerby and Jill Brown
Publisher: Sense Publishers