Books published in 2009

book cover Capable Workplace Learning
Authors: Len Cairns and John Stephenson
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms. New Dilemmas for Teachers
Editors: Jennifer Miller, Alex Kostogriz, Margaret Gearon
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
book cover Eco-Literacy: The "Missing Paradigm" in Environmental Education
Author: Amy Cutter-Mackenzie
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing
book cover Educating for Meaningful Lives: Through Existential Spirituality
Author: Scott Webster
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Globalizing the research imagination
Editors: Jane Kenway and Johannah Fahey
Publisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group
book cover Landscapes and Learning: Place Studies for Global World
Editors: Margaret Somerville, Kerith Power, Phoenix de Carteret
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Learning and Work and the Politics of working life: Global transformations and collective identities in Teaching, Nursing and Social Work
Editors: Terri Seddon, Lea Henriksson, Beatrix Niemeyer
Publisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group
book cover Play and learning in early childhood settings: international perspectives
Editors: Ingrid Pramling-Samuelsson and Marilyn Fleer
Publisher: Springer
book cover Professional Learning in Early Childhood Settings
Editors: Suzy Edwards and Joce Nuttall
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Tasks in primary mathematics teacher education: purpose, use and exemplars
Editors: Richard Millman, Barbro Grevholm, Barbara Clarke
Publisher: Springer
book cover World Yearbook of Education 2009: Childhood Studies and the Impact of Globalization: Policies and Practices at Global and Local Levels
Editors: Marilyn Fleer, Mariane Hedegaard and Jonathon Tudge
Publisher: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group