Books published in 2010

book cover Academic Units in a Complex, Changing World: Adaptation and Resistance
Author: Deanna de Zilwa
Publisher: Springer
book cover Activités ouvertes en mathématiques (in French)
Authors: Peter Sullivan and Pat Lilburn
Publisher: Chenelière Éducation
book cover Black and Postcolonial Feminisms in New Times
Editors: Heidi Safia Mirza and Cynthia Joseph
Publisher: Routledge
book cover Closing the Gap in Education? Improving Outcomes in Southern World Societies
Editors: Ilana Snyder and John Nieuwenhuysen
Publisher: Monash University Publishing
book cover Early Childhood Curriculum: Planning, assessment, and implementation
Authors: Claire McLachlan, Marilyn Fleer and Susan Edwards
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
book cover Early Learning and Development: Cultural-historical concepts in play
Author: Marilyn Fleer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
book cover Engaging Pedagogies and Pedagogues: Examining student engagement in action
Author: David Zyngier
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing
book cover Engaging Play
Authors: Liz Brooker and Susan Edwards
Publisher: Open University Press (McGraw-Hill Education)
book cover Inclusive Education: A practical guide to supporting diversity in the classroom (2nd edn)
Editors: Joanne Deppeler, David Harvey, Tim Loreman
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
book cover International Education and the Chinese Learner
Editors: Janette Ryan and Gordon Slethaug
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
book cover International Perspectives on Gender and Mathematics Education
Editors: Helen Forgasz, Joanne Rossi Becker, Kyeong-Hwa Lee and Olof Steinthorsdottir
Publisher: Information Age Publishing
book cover Inquiry-based Professional Learning: Speaking back to standards-based reforms
Author: Graham Parr
Publisher: Post Pressed
book cover Multilevel and Diverse Classrooms
Editors: Bradley Baurain and Phan Le Ha
Publisher: TESOL Inc.
book cover Singing the Coast
Authors: Margaret Somerville and Tony Perkins
Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
book cover Storylines of Indigenous Women's Leadership in Early Childhood: A Genealogy of Australian Indigenous Women's Leadership in Early Childhood Education
Author: Kerith Power
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing
book cover Student Teachers' Willingness to Practice Environmental Education: An Abandonment of Knowledge
Author: Amy Cutter-Mackenzie
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing
book cover The Song of the Wounded River
Author: Brian Wattchow
Publisher: Ginninderra Press
book cover What Expert Teachers Do: Enhancing Professional Knowledge for Classroom Practice
Author: John Loughran
Publisher: Allen and Unwin