Books published in 2011

book coverA Pedagogy of Place: Outdoor Education for a Changing World
Authors: Brian Wattchow and Mike Brown
Publisher: Monash University Publishing
book cover Attachment Theory and the Teacher-Student Relationship
Author: Philip Riley
Publisher: Routledge
book cover Boys and their Schooling: The Experience of Becoming Someone Else
Author: John Whelen
Publisher: Routledge
book cover Children, Youth and Leisure
Editors: Ruth Jeanes and Jonathan Magee
Publisher: LSA – Leisure Studies Association
book cover Learning and Teaching in the Chinese Classroom: Responding to Individual Needs
Authors: Shane N. Phillipson and Bick-har Lam
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
book cover Living West, Facing East: The (De)Construction of Muslim Youth Sexual Identities
Author: Fida Sanjakdar
Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing
book cover Motives in Children's Development: Cultural-Historical Approaches
Editors: Mariane Hedegaard, Anne Edwards and Marilyn Fleer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
book cover The Professional Knowledge Base of Science Teaching
Editors: Corrigan, D, Dillon, J and Gunstone, R
Publisher: Springer
book cover The SAGE Handbook of Workplace Learning
Editors: Margaret Malloch, Len Cairns, Karen Evans and Bridget N O'Connor
Publisher: SAGE
book cover Voices, Identities, Negotiations and Conflicts Writing Academic English Across Cultures
Editors: Phan Le Ha and Bradley Baurain
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited