Books published in 2012

book cover Asia Pacific Education. Diversity, Challenges and Changes
Editor: Philip Wing Keung Chan
Publisher: Monash University Publishing
book cover Can Educators Make a Difference? Experimenting with, and Experiencing, Democracy in Education
Editors: Paul R. Carr, David Zyngier and Marc Pruyn
Publisher: IAP – Information Age Publishing
book cover Ethnocinema: Intercultural Arts Education
Author: Anne M. Harris
Publisher: Springer
book cover History Wars and The Classroom: Global Perspectives
Editors: Tony Taylor and Robert Guyver
Publisher: Information Age Publishing, Inc.
book cover Motives in Children's Development. Cultural-Historical Approaches
Editors: Marianne Hedegaard, Anne Edwards, Marilyn Fleer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
book cover Our Schools and the War
Author: Rosalie Triolo
Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing
book cover Resolving Conflicts in Collectives: Formula of Opposition (in Russian)
Author: Nikolai Veresov
Publisher: Sentiabr (September) Publishers
book cover Science in Primary Schools. Examining the Practices of Effective Primary Science Teachers
Author: Angela Fitzgerald
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover The Images of Science Through Cultural Lenses: A Chinese Study on the Nature of Science (pdf)
Author: Hongming Ma
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Towards Equity in Mathematics Education: Gender, Culture and Diversity
Editors: Helen Forgasz, Ferdinand Rivera
Publisher: Springer
book cover Transforming Primary Mathematics
Author: Mike Askew
Publisher: Routledge
book cover What Works in Inclusion?
Editors: Christopher Boyle, Keith Topping
Publisher: Open University Press