Health and Wellbeing

Enhancing health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are critical for a flourishing society.

Our research considers how to educate and support healthy communities, address health inequities and promote physical and mentally healthy lifestyles.

Our focus

Mental illness, physical inactivity, aging and health inequities significantly impact our health and wellbeing.

We acknowledge that enhancing health and wellbeing is complex work. We draw insights from interdisciplinary perspectives to consider how the broader social and environmental contexts shape the everyday lives of people.

Our research examines how we can best support schools and communities to develop evidence-based policies and programs that will contribute to the enhancement of health and wellbeing.

We work to develop innovative approaches to help people negotiate and support their own health and wellbeing needs in increasingly complex and difficult time.

In practice

Increasing participation and improving health

We are working with VicHealth and the Centre for Multicultural Youth to better understand the impact of informal sports for young people from diverse backgrounds. This work will inform the way governments, sport and health agencies can support and enable these opportunities.

Current funded projects

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