Educational Leadership

Reimagining educational leadership

We live in a volatile world. Society is fragmented and inequality is rising.

Our research reimagines the role of educational leaders to better address these complex challenges.

Our focus

As a community we face wicked problems like global warming and political division.

It has never been more important to collectively build civic awareness and the social and intellectual capacity of our students.

Principals and other educational leaders play a central role, particularly in nurturing holistic educational practices that link to the broader community.

These leaders can foster social justice, boost access and equity and support the collective good.

We need to move beyond the leader as an individual hero and create alternative models.

Our scope is broad – from understanding the experience of individual school principals to tackling entrenched systemic issues.

In practice

Building a community of practice

Restorative justice is being used in Australian schools to build strong and respectful learning communities. Our research looks to foster a national network of leaders who use these practices.

Current funded projects

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