Digital Futures

Shaping digital futures

The rise of digital technology is transforming the world in which we live.

Our research aims to critically and proactively shape the way in which education responds now and in the future.

Our focus

We examine the educational implications of established and emerging digital technologies and practices.

There are significant technological challenges in education, and we want to understand them.

These range from the increasing reliance on virtual education to the rise of data-driven educational processes, digitally automated decision making and AI-driven education.

We look at the impact of the intensification of digital practices in teaching and learning, as well as the influence of technology on wellbeing, health and safety of learners.

Through our research we aim to influence both education policy and practice.

We engage in theoretically and empirically robust forms of inquiry and use our work to support evidence-based decision making.

We provide a voice in professional, policy and public debates on digital education.

In practice

Exploring datafication in schools

Every day, schools generate large quantities of digital data, but it remains poorly utilised and understood. Our Data-Smart Schools project aimed to change that. Working in secondary schools, our research team explored ways to use digital data for social good.

Current funded projects

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