Teaching and Learning

Transforming teaching and learning

Our education system is based on a model developed over a century ago. The world has changed, and our research looks at the ways teaching and learning needs to adapt and change, and foster new kinds of learners.

Our Focus

Our society is characterised by change, diversity and fragmentation.

Modern education needs to nurture learners who are able to respond to the challenges of an unpredictable future.

Our research seeks to equip educators, counsellors and psychologists to enable learning and development that transforms individuals, communities and societies. We cast a wide net – from the design of Educational spaces and innovative teaching practices, to developing entrepreneurial thinking.

Our research is future-focused, exploring education across the lifespan of our learners – from infancy to adulthood. With this focus, we work collaboratively to produce flexible and innovative thinkers and transform teaching and learning.

In practice

Funded projects