Learning through Play Pedagogies

Course overview

Linking in with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF), this course will enable you to create educational play models and demonstrate practical application within play-based curricula.

You will develop an understanding of new tools and methods for assessing children's learning in play, as well as the intentional use of children's ideas for extending their learning. Examples of educational play from birth to eight will be shared to illustrate the importance of creative,  affective and imaginative framing for learning and development.

Topics covered

  • Examining play from child's perspective:
    Rethinking play and its relationship with educators' pedagogical values and beliefs. Using play memories to encourage reflection about your role and position in play activity.
  • Sustained shared thinking in pedagogical play:
    Explore how you actively interact with children and support children's learning and development in play-based curriculum. Use the concepts of sustained shared thinking and intentional teaching to expand your experience through the development of a play narrative.
  • Dimensions of play activity:
    Identify different pedagogical approaches to play associated with various dimensions of play activity including the use of rules, roles and imaginary situations in their play narratives.
  • Imagination in play:
    Practical examples of children's play are given to illustrate how and why you need to account for the child's perspective in creating play environments and space in order to support children's imaginative thinking. Collaboratively generated play models will be created.

Course length

Two day classes of six hours.

Cost 2019


Dates and venues 2019

Please email us (edu.pdp@monash.edu) to express interest in the next program.


No formal prerequisites. This program is designed for all staff working in the field of early childhood education, long day care and anyone interested in the education of young children (babies and toddlers).


Class participation. Presenters will identify a variety of practical tasks during the short course.


The Faculty of Education, Monash University, will issue you with a Certificate of Completion.


  • Dr Avis Ridgway
  • Dr Gloria Quinones
  • Dr Liang Li