Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) – Middle Years (Years 3 to 6) Intervention Specialist Teacher course

What is Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU)?

Developed by Dr Ann Gervasoni of Monash University, EMU is a research-based intervention program that has been shown to improve childrens’ knowledge and confidence with mathematics. EMU offers intensive learning opportunities for students who are experiencing difficulty in learning mathematics in the early years and beyond. Importantly, it provides professional learning that offers teachers expertise and leadership in mathematical learning. Underpinning the program is an accreditation process that ensures that EMU specialist teachers maintain ongoing learning in this essential curriculum area, have the expertise to deliver professional learning to colleagues, and work within a whole school approach to improving learning and teaching for all.

EMU Intervention Specialist Teacher course – Middle Years

This course educates EMU specialist teachers. It involves field-based learning and a six-day spaced learning program. The field-based learning involves teachers planning and implementing an EMU Program (5 x 45-minute sessions per week) throughout the year. The six-day program includes workshops, data analysis and reviewing video excerpts simulating ‘behind-the-screen sessions’. Professional interaction, critical reflection, associated discussion and professional reading are important aspects of the course.

Topics you will cover

  • the role of specialised mathematics programs in the middle years of schooling
  • components of the EMU Middle Years Program structure and implementation
  • using growth points to identify students in the middle years who are vulnerable in learning mathematics
  • prioritising students for participation in a specialised mathematics program
  • whole number learning in the middle years: multi digit numbers and algorithms, and reasoning strategies
  • rational number learning and misconceptions (including fractions and decimals)
  • the EMU Assessment Interview and activities and strategies to enhance rational number learning
  • understanding difficult growth point transitions for students in the middle years in whole number
  • strategies to enhance the development of reasoning strategies including empty number lines
  • using open tasks, effective questioning and investigations to enhance mathematical learning
  • measurement and spatial reasoning as contexts for learning and using number
  • strategies for the ongoing monitoring and assessment of students who are vulnerable
  • mathematics leadership, professional learning and working with the school team
  • analysing students’ learning: Behind the Screen.


Six days, 9.00am – 3.30pm


$2,200 (incl. GST)
The cost includes all program materials and catering (morning tea and light lunch).

When and where

Clayton campus – 2020 semester 1 dates will be released shortly. Please contact us to express interest.


  • A minimum qualification of BEd degree or equivalent, with at least two years teaching experience, and you must be a highly effective mathematics teacher with potential for professional leadership.
  • You should be familiar with, and have a working knowledge of, the Mathematics Assessment Interview (also known as the Mathematics Online Interview and the Early Years Numeracy Interview).
  • You must have completed the Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) Early Years (Prep to Year 2) Specialist Teacher program or your school must be teaching EMU in the Early Years and currently have an EMU Specialist teacher.


Upon completion of all aspects of the program, you will receive a certificate and Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) accreditation from the Faculty of Education, Monash University.

Current EMU Specialist teachers who complete this program are not required to complete the Ongoing Professional Learning program for the applicable year.