Engaging and Challenging Students in Primary School Mathematics

Primary teachers are always keen to add interesting and challenging activities to their mathematics programs. This workshop will involve teachers in doing tasks, focusing on ways to differentiate problems, and using open tasks to assess students’ mathematical thinking. We will concentrate on one of the "tricky bits" of primary school mathematics – the development of multiplicative thinking. However, other curriculum content, especially in the proficiency strands of problem solving, reasoning and fluency, will also be included.

We will share useful teaching resources. Participants are invited to bring along any resources and ideas that they find work for them in the classroom. Together we will have a marvellous day doing and discussing mathematics teaching and learning.

Topics covered

  1. The features of engaging mathematics tasks
  2. The potential of a challenging problem to engage all students
  3. Using enabling and extending prompts to differentiate a problem to suit the needs of a range of learners
  4. The advantages of open-ended questions as a means of gaining full participation of students
  5. Complex mathematical content knowledge involved in proportional reasoning and multiplicative thinking
  6. Offering students rich learning opportunities
  7. Creating enthusiasm for learning mathematics.

Course length

One day class of six hours.


$300 (incl GST)

15% discount is available to Monash Education alumni during October 2019. Student ID or previous course name will be required for this pricing option.

Dates and venues

22 October 2019 (Tuesday)
9am - 3.30pm
Clayton campus


There are no formal prerequisites; however, this course is most relevant for teachers of mathematics in primary schools.


This course references the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) 1.2, 1.5, 2.1 and 2.5.

You will gain a Certificate of Completion.