Getting Ready in Numeracy (GRIN) - Mathematics Intervention

The GRIN Intervention Program is a professional learning program for primary and secondary mathematics teachers and tutors. It aims to address difficulties that students experience when learning mathematics.

There are commentators who suggest that some students cannot learn mathematics whatever we do. The GRIN Intervention Program has demonstrated that this is a false assumption and that students can learn if given appropriate opportunity. This program is currently being delivered in primary and secondary schools across Victoria, with positive feedback from numeracy leaders, school principals and students.

GRIN is a licensed program. Once the nominated school staff complete the GRIN training, they become accredited GRIN staff and the school becomes a licensed GRIN school.

GRIN licence cost

School fee for up to four (4) participants, including at least one teacher $3,370 (incl GST)
Additional staff accreditation $600 (incl GST) per person

For the successful implementation of the GRIN program, it is important that school principals allocate appropriate time release for teachers and tutors to attend professional learning and to plan for and to deliver the GRIN tutorial sessions.

Training duration

To become GRIN accredited, nominated school staff must complete the following training sequence:

  • 1 day of initial professional learning,
  • 2-3 practice GRIN sessions (with nominated students from the school)
  • 2 x half-day professional learning support sessions.

Training dates

Getting Ready in Numeracy – Primary
Clayton campus

  • Session 1: Tuesday 18 February 2020, 9.30am - 3:30pm
  • Session 2: Tuesday 28 April 2020, 9.30am - 12.30pm
  • Session 3: Tuesday 2 June 2020, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Getting Ready in Numeracy – Secondary
Clayton campus

  • Session 1: Wednesday 19 February 2020, 9.30am - 3:30pm
  • Session 2: Wednesday 29 April 2020, 9.30am - 12.30pm
  • Session 3: Wednesday 3 June 2020, 9.30am - 12.30pm

How to apply

1. Nominate staff to be trained

Your school selects up to four staff members to participate in GRIN including at least one teacher of mathematics and staff who can take on the role of the GRIN tutor.

The GRIN tutor can be a

  • teacher
  • numeracy coach
  • leading teacher
  • education support staff member

GRIN relies heavily on the development of strong and timely communications between the GRIN tutor and the classroom teacher. The better the link between the GRIN intervention session and the subsequent classroom lesson, the more impact the program will have on student outcomes. Careful consideration should be taken to select staff who will implement GRIN within the school.

Suggested selection criteria for tutors (pdf)

2. Register

Download, complete and return one of the following registration forms:

GRIN – Primary application form (pdf)

GRIN – Secondary application (pdf)


Upon completion of all aspects of the program, the participants and school will receive a certificate and GRIN accreditation from the Faculty of Education, Monash University.

Implementation of GRIN sessions

To implement the GRIN intervention program at your school, first select students to participate in the program, and timetable GRIN sessions. This will depend on the individual student's needs and /or timetabling constraints. Ideally, we commend 2-3 sessions per week with three students per session.

Prior to the normal daily mathematics lesson, trained tutors conduct GRIN sessions with small groups of students (ideally three).
The GRIN sessions are brief and focused - normally 15 to 25 minutes long.

GRIN sessions are designed to:

  • prepare intervention students for their subsequent mathematics lesson,
  • familiarise students with the relevant language and terminology that they will hear during the classroom lesson,
  • model what students can expect to see and/or do in the lesson.