Register to teach

VIT registration and evidence of completion

Register to teach in Victoria

If you are due to complete a teacher education course and are intending to teach in a Victorian school, you need to apply for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).

If you are intending to teach outside of Victoria, please scroll to the next section, Register to teach outside Victoria.

Important information for students course completing mid-year 2020 to end of year 2022

In recognition of the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on pre-service teachers currently enrolled in an accredited ITE program – specifically on their ability to undertake professional placements in schools and early childhood services – the VIT has temporarily amended its ITE graduation and teacher registration requirements.

For any pre-service teacher due to complete their program from mid-year 2020 to end of year 2022, the minimum number of completed professional experience days required may be reduced.

All the other requirements remain unchanged. It is expected that pre-service teachers would have successfully completed:

  • their most recent prior professional experience;
  • the Literacy and Numeracy Test for ITE  (LANTITE); and
  • a final year teaching performance assessment (TPA).

VIT provides the following resources on their website, which has detailed information on how to apply and complete an online application:

To assist the application process for new graduates, VIT has an arrangement with Monash University to transfer evidence of your qualification completion to the Institute directly. You will still be required to formally apply for registration to VIT separately, this process is only for evidence of your course completion.

By allowing Monash University to transfer this evidence of completion to VIT you understand that:

  1. Under Part 2.6 (Victorian Institute of Teaching) of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, in order to be eligible for Provisional Registration, that evidence of your qualification that leads to registration must be provided.
  2. Releasing evidence of qualification completion to VIT is solely for the purpose of any assessment of qualifications for teacher registration in Victoria.
  3. Information obtained by the Institute is subject to the Information Privacy Principles set out in the Information Privacy Act 2000.
  4. Information received from the University will be stored on secure personal files and will not be released.
  5. Monash University is not liable for any delay of your application being processed if the record has not been received by VIT.

Timeline and key dates

If there are no delays with your results (caused by Special Consideration or other factors), evidence of your completion will be sent to VIT with the first batch of graduates, usually within 24 hours of your final semester results being finalised.

Following that, evidence of completion will be released to VIT in weekly batches as follows:

  • Wednesday, 13 July 2022
  • Wednesday, 20 July 2022
  • Wednesday, 27 July 2022 (our final batch)

If you are course completed after the final batch has been sent to VIT, it is your responsibility to provide proof of your completion to VIT directly.

Opting out

Should you not wish for us to send evidence of course completion to VIT automatically, you will need to opt out of the process by Monday 27 June 2022. To opt out please notify your Education Success Adviser (ESA) via Juvo.

Register to teach outside Victoria

If you are intending to teach outside of Victoria (interstate or internationally), you will need to apply for registration with the relevant local teaching authority. The requirements for registration may differ to Victoria, but all will require you to provide evidence of your course completion. Proof of qualification letters and academic transcripts can be obtained through the Web Enrolment System from Monash Connect.

There is no need to opt out of the VIT evidence of completion process in this scenario, or if you are not planning on registering as a teacher at all, VIT will ignore any confirmation of completion not accompanied by an application for registration, and your academic record detail is not shared with them.