Unsatisfactory academic progress

The University reviews the academic progress of all students to assist you towards the successful completion of your course and, where necessary, directs you to the appropriate source of personal and/or academic assistance.  However, if your progress is considered to be unsatisfactory, the University may decide to implement an intervention strategy as outlined in the Academic Progress Intervention Strategy Procedures.

What is unsatisfactory progress?

Unsatisfactory academic progression in a Faculty of Education course is defined as:

  • passing less than 50% of the units for which they have been enrolled in the previous 12 months (December to November, summer semester and semesters 1 & 2)
  • failing the same compulsory unit twice
  • failure in a professional placement
  • failing to meet the conditions imposed by the dean or by an Academic Progress Committee
  • failing to satisfactorily complete the National Literacy and Numeracy tests by December 31 in the first year of enrolment or after attempting 48 credit points of study, whichever is the later
  • being unable to complete a professional placement where the usual placement providers will not accept the student
  • being enrolled for at least two thirds of the course duration and having satisfactorily completed 50% or less of the course.

Early Warning Letters

An Early Warning Letter is sent to you if at mid year you do not meet, or by the end of the year may be at risk of not meeting, the minimum academic progress requirements outlined above. The early warning letter must contain: a warning that progress is not satisfactory, the reasons why it is not satisfactory (i.e. refer to the relevant APC Trigger), and it must advise you to seek academic and course advice.

Mid-year intervention

If you commenced your course mid-year, you will have your academic performance reviewed after completing the first two (2) semesters of study within your course - this will occur after the semester one release of results. If you fail 50% or more of your enrolled units over the first two semesters of study, your academic performance will be deemed to be unsatisfactory and you will receive a mid year intervention letter recommending you seek academic and course advice.

End of year

If you trigger any one of the Faculty of Education unsatisfactory academic progress rules you will be referred to an Academic Progress Committee (APC). The APC may:

  • allow you to continue your course of study; or
  • allow you to continue your course of study with conditions imposed; or
  • exclude you from one or more courses of study in which you are enrolled.

If your progress is considered unsatisfactory you are referred to an APC via the Notice of Referral and Hearing. You will then have an opportunity to 'show cause' as to why you should not be excluded from your courses by submitting a written student response form and, in some cases, attending a hearing of the APC.