Course information session

Course information sessions are designed to help 1st year VTAC admission students to complete their course enrolment. They provide information about course structure and unit enrolment, how to find and understand the course maps, and other course specific information.

Your email offer will provide you with the details of when and where your course information session is scheduled (contact our staff if you have misplaced your email). Off-campus students are not required to attend a course information session.

Make sure you complete at least Step 1 (Create your Monash account) before attending your course information session.

Please refer to the Course and unit advice for your course map and unit selection information to help you choose your unit enrolment.

We also offer optional follow up sessions (pdf) in January if you need further assistance completing your enrolment steps.

Not attending?

We strongly recommend that you attend the course information session. However, if you are unable to attend or you are studying off-campus, you must secure your place in the course by completing all enrolment steps online, before or on your offer expiry date.

If you do not understand the requirements of your course, it is important that you contact us.