Graduate coursework units

The following list of graduate units should be used in conjunction with your course map to view which units you can choose. Students are responsible for selecting units which meet the regulations and requirements for their course. Your choice of units depends on your course, the specialisation and credit you may have been granted. If you would like to contact the Faculty for assistance with your unit selection or to check your course enrolment, please contact your Education Success Adviser.

All of our graduate units below run in 'flexible' mode. Flexible mode offers students face-to-face teaching sessions (optional, if seeking to study exclusively online) to support self-directed learning activities and assessment. For timetable details, go to the Class Timetable online, or log into your my.Monash portal and click on the timetable link.

The Faculty reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes if necessary.

Graduate units for Semester 1 and 2, 2019

Unit code Unit title Sem 1 Sem 2 Enrolment restrictions
(see legend below)
MTeach option (see Note 1)
EDF4610 Interacting with research in education contexts ticktick  
EDF4611 Investigating education issues in global contexts ticktick  
EDF5613 Research approaches in education Term 1 Term 3 Enrolment in course D4004, or Research Pathway students (see Note 2).
Not available for course D60026.
EDF5614 Research project in education Term 2 Term 4 Enrolment in course D4004, or Research Pathway students (see Note 2).
Corequisite - EDF5613.
Not available for course D60026.
EDF5620 Leading education and work tick   
EDF5621 Challenging curriculum, pedagogy and assessment  tick  
EDF5622 Developing learners and learning tick   
EDF5623 Deepening education and sustainability  tick  
EDF5632 Understanding inclusion in learning communities  tick tick
EDF5635 Leading capable organisations tick  Prohibition - EDF6822 tick
EDF5636 Leading organisational decision making  tick Prohibition - EDF6821tick
EDF5637 Inner leadership: Understanding self and others tick Prohibition - EDF6901tick
EDF5640 Language, culture and curriculum ticktick  Prohibition - EDF6234, EDF6236 tick
EDF5641 Pedagogy and assessment in TESOL ticktick Prohibition - EDF6210, EDF6233tick
EDF5642 Bilingualism and content-based programs  tick Prohibition - EDF6201, EDF6238 tick
EDF5645 Educating the gifted  tick Prohibition - EDF6607 tick
EDF5646 Talent development and diversity tick  Prohibition - EDF6613 tick
EDF5647 Technology and education key issues and debates tick  Prohibition - EDF6115, EDF6442 tick
EDF5648 Instructional design: Harnessing digital technologies for learning  tick Prohibition - EDF6447 tick
EDF5649 Language and literacies across educational contexts  tick Prohibition - EDF6301 tick
EDF5651 Developing expertise in mathematics education  tick Prohibition - EDF6401, EDF6402 tick
EDF5652 Understanding research and leadership in science education tick  Prohibition - EDF6401, EDF6402
Only available to students enrolled in the Master of Leadership courses
EDF5654Teaching music: Theory and practice 




EDF5655 Expertise in teaching  tick tick
EDF5656 Practising inclusion tick  tick
EDF5657 Indigenous perspectives in professional practice  tickNot available in 2019
Prohibition - EDF6310.
EDF5658 Young people: Culture, communities and education  tick tick
EDF5659 Building partnerships with families and communities tick    tick 
EDF5661 Designing learning for adults tick  Prohibition - EDF6802 tick
EDF5663 Education and globalisation in the Asian century  tick Prohibition - EDF6701 tick
EDF5664 Learning through participation  tick tick
EDF5667 Positive behaviour support tick  **Summer unit only offered to Master of Teaching in Secondary Education D60017 accelerated mode students tick
EDF5670 Leadership studies tick  Only available to students enrolled in the Master of Leadership courses  
EDF5671 Leadership challenge project ticktick Only available to students enrolled in the Master of Leadership courses  
EDF5674 Engaging with practices of contemporary science  tickNot available in 2019tick
EDF5680 Behaviour analysis: Concepts and foundations tick 
EDF5681 Behaviour analysis: Implementation and experimental methods
tick  Prerequisite – EDF5680  
EDF5682 Applications of behaviour analysis in diverse contexts tick   
EDF5691 Professional project ticktick Prohibition - EDF6010, EDF6020 tick
EDF5692 Professional practice in special and inclusive education  tickOnly available to students enrolled in course codes D60011, D60013, D60016, D60017 or D60026.tick
EDF5693 Using and evaluating research evidence  tick Prohibition - EDF6005, EDF6006, EDF6007 tick
EDF5694 Taking a stand in education debates  
Only available in alternate (odd) years (i.e. 2019, 2021)  
EDF5695 Self-study as professional inquiry
  Only available in alternate (odd) years (i.e. 2019, 2021)  
EDF5696 Professional practice for teachers of TESOL tick  tick Prerequisite – EDF5641
Prohibition - EDF6232, EDF6238
EDF5699 Extended teaching practice ticktick Prohibition - EDF6238
Corequisite - EDF5692
Only available to students who are registered as, or eligible to be registered as, a primary or secondary teacher in Australia.        
EDF5814 Creative research approaches    Only available in alternate (even) years (i.e. 2016, 2018, 2020). Prohibition – EDF6005 and EDF6007.  
EDF5905 Early years literacy and numeracy tick    tick 

Legend of enrolment restrictions:

  • Corequisite = must be enrolled in the corequisite in the same study period.
  • Prerequisite = must be enrolled or have completed prerequisite prior to undertaking unit.
  • Prohibition = an equivalent unit. Cannot enrol in unit if the prohibited unit has already been completed.


  1. The MTeach option column is only relevant for Master of Teaching single sector students. Units marked with a tick in this column can be taken by MTeach students as their Masters elective option.
  2. Students who may be eligible to apply to take up a Research Pathway to lead into a Higher Degree Research course would select the units EDF5613 and EDF5614 as the final two units in their course. Before selecting these units, please check that your course map makes provision for these units and ensure that the mark attained in each unit completed so far in your course is 65% or higher. All students who enrol in these units will be automatically checked by our staff to ensure they qualify, and only allowed to continue if eligible.

Graduate units for Summer Semester 2018-2019

These unit offerings are only available as electives over summer to Master of Teaching in Secondary Education (D60017) accelerated mode students: