TLS services

Services for a fee

Please arrange with TLS staff.

  • Laminating/Guillotining
  • On-site soft binding (Perfect binding) documents and theses
  • Off-site hard binding of theses - delivered and collected - special student price
  • CD/DVD burning of non-copyright material
  • colour printing

Services and advice free of charge

Please arrange with TLS staff.

  • AV equipment loans - HD full size video cameras, range of Flip video cameras, tripods - from mini to full size, digital voice recorders, digital transcribers, range of microphones, usb headsets, web conferencing kits, Livescribe pens.
  • AV support/advice for all of the above
  • Video editing facilities - advice and support
  • thesis formatting/layout APA style - support, advice, training (appointments required)
  • design advice for assessment/research tasks - digital/print posters, diagrams, figures, tables, digital presentations
  • software recommendations
  • science equipment loans
  • music equipment loans

Audio-visual services

See Audio-visual services page.

Theses collection

The theses collection provides a permanent record of some of the significant scholarly work of the students and staff of the faculty. Education Faculty Ed.D., Ph.D, Masters and B.Ed (Hons.) theses are shelved alphabetically by author in the TLS. As staff and students recognize the value in having access to sample theses of high quality and relevance to the field in which they are working - for example, Early Childhood theses at Peninsula - therefore relevant theses will be located at TLS on each campus.

Web conferencing

See Web conferencing page.

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