Allocation process

Clinical placement allocation process

All clinical placements and clinical placement activities are organised by the Clinical Placements Coordinators or Clinical Placement Manager on your behalf.
Please do not organise your own placement, or contact agencies directly to request a placement without first discussing this with the Clinical Placements Manager.

Step 1 - Apply for required security clearance

Before we begin to allocate your clinical placement activities, you must obtain all the required security clearances. Otherwise you will not be able to commence placement.

Please note that security checks may take time - so start applying as soon as possible!

Step 2 - Complete student placement information

We use the information you provide to ensure that we match you to the appropriate clinical placement settings and cater for any special requirements you may have. Here is what you need to do:

We aim to place you within the scheduled placement period; however, in small number of cases, this may not be possible.

Step 3 - Read Practicum Manual

You must consult the Practicum Manual on the Moodle site for your current placement - please read this thoroughly before your placement.

Step 4 - Details of your allocated placement

Master of Professional Psychology and first year Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology students will be notified of opportunities for professional experience activities during scheduled class times for EDF5568 and EDF5567 or EDF5572.

Master of Psychology Educational and Developmental students will be informed of their year 2 placement allocations at the Practicum Orientation meeting in October of year 1.

This information will also be available to all students via the EDF5572 Moodle site.