Before placement

What to do before you go on placement

  • Make sure that your home address on WES is correct. Note: Home address is where you will be living at the time of the placement.
  • Make sure you have provided a copy of your current security clearance to the Professional Experience Office.
  • Check your placement allocation information on InPlace. You will be notified by email when your placement details are available. This will be approximately two weeks before the placement begins.
  • Phone and email your school/centre Organiser of Teaching Practice (OTP) no later than one week prior to the start of your placement to introduce yourself and to confirm your placement arrangements (such as start time, dress code, what to bring, reporting location and whether you need to attend an orientation session).

    If the school/centre is not aware of your placement please contact the Professional Experience Office via Monash Connect on 1800 666 274.
  • Read the relevant Professional Experience Placement Placement Manual and Placement Guide to understand the objectives and requirements of your placement.
  • Find out about the school/centre. The following websites might be useful:
  • Work out your travel arrangements well before the start date

Note: If you decide to discontinue your course or professional experience unit please notify the Professional Experience Office via (or call them on 1800 666 274 if it is short notice) and we will notify your school/agency and cancel your placement on your behalf.