Financial support

Financial support for overseas placements

Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship

All pre-service teacherswho participate in the International Professional Experience (IPE) program areeligible for a Monash Abroad Travel Scholarship (currently $500).

Monash Abroad also covers travel insurance. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are covered for 60 days personal travel beforeand after the Monash approved activity.Pleasenote that if you have any electronic devices (e.g. laptop, iPhone, iPad, etc)stolen, you face an excess of $1000. You may consider taking out extracoverage. There is an excess of $100 on all other claims.


Some pre-service teachers will be eligible to apply for the OS-HELP loan, which is a government scheme designed to support students who are undertaking some of their university study abroad. This loan gets added to your HECS debt.

Key eligibility criteria include that you must be an Australian citizen or on a permanent humanitarian visa and that you cannot be enrolled in a zero-credit point unit for the professional experience component of your course.

Monash Practical Placement Bursary

The Monash Practical Placement Bursary is a one-off payment of $1000 to help financially disadvantaged students to meet placements requirements.

Individual IPE scholarships or bursaries

Individual IPE locations may have associated scholarships (e.g. Malaysia – New Colombo schemes) or bursaries (e.g. Italy – Italian Services Institute Travel Bursary). These will only be made available where relevant.

Student loans

A range of student loans are available to Monash students to cover a wide range of study-related expenses. Applications are available through Monash Connect.