Professional experience visits procedure

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Professional experience visits policy


Academic staff

Staff who have responsibility for professional experience programs or units. This includes Professional Experience Directors; Professional Experience Advisors; Professional Experience Tutors; Psychology Practicum Coordinator, Psychology Practicum Supervisors, Counselling Practicum Supervisors, Chief Examiners; Unit Coordinators; Lecturers.

Professional Experience

Periods of placement in schools, early childhood centres and other educational settings that are deemed to constitute the required number of supervised teaching practice days as well as counselling and psychological organisations/agencies as outlined in the relevant accreditation body's guidelines.


Contact undertaken by academic staff to communicate with mentor teachers, organisers of teaching practice, pre-service teachers, professional supervisors, and counselling and psychology students during professional experience (or during other relevant periods related to professional experience). In most cases these will be face to face visits to schools/centres, but may also include email, phone and Skype communication where deemed appropriate (e.g. for rural, interstate and international placements and some local placements). For students on interstate or international placements where they are accompanied by academic staff, the visit will be face to face.


  1. If the Professional Experience Office (PEO) is contacted by a mentor teacher, organiser of teaching practice (OTP) or principal/preschool director, professional supervisor indicating a situation where a student is at risk/of concern, the process outlined in the Faculty 'at risk/concern procedures' will be implemented. Briefly, the PEO will contact the relevant academic staff member who will consult with other academic staff as necessary. The relevant academic staff member/s will discuss the matter with the pre-service teacher, the OTP and/or mentor teacher, and the counselling or psychology student and supervisor and will arrange a visit to the school/centre/organisation/agency as required. A plan of action to support the pre-service teacher, counselling or psychology student will be developed. More specific details are found in the 'At risk/concern procedures' document.
  2. When a pre-service teacher or counselling or psychology student contacts the relevant academic staff member or Professional Experience Office to request a visit, a meeting will be arranged between academic staff and the pre-service teacher, counselling or psychology student. If it is deemed appropriate, academic staff will contact the mentor teacher and/or OTP at the school/centre, agency or the counselling or psychology student to arrange a visit as required.
  3. To ensure appropriate supervision/mentoring, relevant academic staff (e.g. Unit Coordinator, Courses Leader, Professional Experience Advisor, Professional Experience Tutor, Psychology practicum Coordinator) will discuss professional experience supervision with the pre-service teacher/s, counselling or psychology student and determine whether or not a visit to the school/centre is required. If a visit is considered necessary, contact will be made by the relevant academic staff member with the OTP at the school/centre to arrange a visit. In the case of psychology placements the student must arrange a meeting.
  4. To build collaborative relationships as per the Partnerships and Professional Placements strategic plan, academic staff may consult with the Manager, Partnerships and Professional Placements and/or the relevant Professional Experience Director (if necessary), and other academic staff to determine how relationships with professional experience settings can be enhanced by visits from academic staff. Initial contact will be made with relevant schools/centres via phone or email to arrange a suitable time to visit.


  • Professional Experience Directors
  • Professional Experience Advisors
  • Professional Experience Tutors
  • Unit coordinators
  • Courses leaders
  • Psychology Practicum Coordinators
  • Psychology Practicum Supervisors
  • Counselling Practicum Supervisors
  • Manager Partnerships and Professional Placements

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