Just Transitions in Australia: Moving Towards Low Carbon Lives Across Policy, Industry and Practice

Just Transitions in Australia reports on and documents the policy, practice, and realistic possibilities for ‘Just transitions to decarbonisation’ in Australia.

A transition to a low-carbon economy is perhaps nowhere more crucial or contested than in Australia, a continent on the front line of global heating and climate change-induced bushfires, drought, flash floods and extreme temperatures.

Australia is grappling with how to transition towards decarbonisation in ways that are environmentally sustainable and socially just, whilst at the sharp edge of the impacts of climate change. The heavy reliance on extractive industries for coal and minerals exposes some of the country’s political and structural lock-ins to highly carbonised industries and lifestyles. While the transition away from coal is important, this project acknowledges the much broader range of issues and concerns that underpin just transitions to decarbonisation, accounting for the implications and trade-offs across multiple intersecting domains and geographies of contemporary life, including home, work and industry, mobilities, renewable energy, and technology and data.

The Just Transitions project was funded by the British Academy and delivered by Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) and the Monash Emerging Technologies Research Lab and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute.


5 submissions from leading Australian organisations provide expert advices on the issues, existing knowledge and future steps relating to Just Transitions in Australia

Energy Consumers  Australia

Monash Business School and Monash Energy Institute


Centre for Automated Decision Making + Society:  Transport  Mobilities

Centre for  Automated  Decision Making + Society


In this three part series, the findings of the Just Transitions are presented in discussion with experts in just transitions and across the key domains of home, work and industry, mobilities, renewable energy, and technology and data.

Webinar 1: Moving towards low carbon lives across policy, industry and practice

Webinar 2: Prospects for just low-carbon energy, home, and mobility futures

Webinar 3: Just Transitions and the future of technology and work


Royal Holloway University of London: Peter Adey, Adam Badger

Monash University Emerging Technologies Research Lab:  Sarah Pink, Yolande Strengers, Ben Lyall, Nonie May PhD students: Susan Wright, Rex Martin

Monash University Sustainable Development Institute: Rob Raven, Darren Sharp, Paris Hadfield

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