Ilya Fridman

Ilya is a designer, researcher and educator. As part of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab, his work explores how design thinking and making can contribute to interdisciplinary research contexts and what role designers might play in collaboratively reimagining future possibilities for sustainable development. His research interests include design thinking, co-design, participatory design, interdisciplinary research and sustainable development.

Ilya has worked on industry and government funded interdisciplinary research projects in the field of transportation. These projects have been conducted through collaboration between researchers from Design, Engineering, Information Technology and Business, alongside participation from various industry and public stakeholders. Recently completed projects include industry funded work to assist in the design of Victoria’s first battery-electric route bus and state government funded research to explore the potential for a regional city to transition over to a locally powered electric bus fleet. He is currently working on a Monash Infrastructure Seed Funded project in collaboration with researchers from Business and Information Technology, exploring how emerging technologies may be leveraged by Australian warehousing and logistics suppliers.

As a Lecturer, Ilya teaches Design Thinking to aspiring entrepreneurs within the Monash Business School and Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. He is interested in how design methods and mindsets may be positioned across disciplinary boundaries and shared with others. As part of his teaching, Ilya explores new technologies to enhance student engagement and learning experience.

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