Future Health

This theme engages both supportively and critically with new initiatives that seek to ensure future health and wellbeing. We do this first through an interrogation of the way that our future health is designed for, and second by contributing crucial insights into how people experience and engage with design. Future health environments and technologies will not exist in isolation from other emerging technologies and environments, therefore our work in this theme learns from that in others - for example we ask how access to future health facilities and services will co-evolve with future mobilities services and technologies, as well as the impact of future health services on energy futures.

Our expertise has been developed through three strands of work: Design for Wellbeing which focuses on design of hospital architecture, interiors and services; Digital Health: which investigates the use and design of health tracking technologies, apps and platforms and other emerging technologies including social care robots; and Health and Safety which examines questions relating to the use of digital, visual and emerging technologies for occupational safety and health.

Our future health research has academic and applied impact. It has included collaboration with hospitals and healthcare organisations in clinical settings and outside the hospital, with industry partners and technology designers. At Monash we connect with the Health CoLab in MADA and the Digital Health initiative in Information Technology.

Professor Sarah Pink and Associate Professor Shanti Sumartojo will co-lead the Future Health research program.


Design for wellbeing

Contact: Melisa Duque

Email: melisa.duque@monash.edu