Co-designing future smart urban mobility services – a human approach (AHA)

Future Mobilities

“The AHA project has created a significant opportunity for groups from the academic, public and industry sector to work together to create a new interdisciplinary approach to future smart urban mobility services. This is a much-needed step forward and it and completely connected to the agenda of ETLab to join our partners in Sweden in this initiative.”

Professor Sarah Pink, Emerging Technologies Research Lab

Bringing together technology designers, urban planners, and social researchers, we established a way of collaborating to approach societal challenges from a user-centred service design perspective.

Research results from ethnographic studies of how citizens perceive and use their cars and other means of transport were connected to urban planning and technology development with a focus on how people live their everyday lives.

Based on the ethnographic findings and the stakeholders’ questions, the research team created different materials to fuel workshop discussions. Through the different workshops in the project, people’s everyday life is integrated in city and technology development, through the ethnographic research results.

In partnership with: Halmstad University, Volvo Cars, City of Gothenburg, City of Helsingborg (Sweden). This project is part of the Drive Sweden Strategic Innovation Program funded by VINNOVA (the Swedish Innovation Agency), the Swedish Research Council Formas and the Swedish Energy Group. The project seeks to establish new ways of developing modern vehicles and smart cities for a sustainable social environment.

Researchers: Vaike Fors (Halmstad University), Sarah Pink (Monash University), Jesper Lund (Halmstad University), Rachel Charlotte Smith (Aarhus University), Robert Brostrom, Annie Rydstrom (Volvo Cars).

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Contact: Sarah Pink