Future of Health and Wellbeing

This research programme focuses on the experience and design of practices, services, technologies and environments of future health, care, wellbeing and safety.

Through research and design, this programme engages with projects and initiatives shaping a new context for future health, care, wellbeing, and safety. Our expertise in this area includes:

  • digital services and technologies for seniors aging at home and in residential care;
  • digital, visual and emerging technologies for worker health and safety;
  • digital health, including tracking technologies, apps and platforms and social care robots;
  • health care building, interior and service design; and
  • innovating new understandings of and design for everyday care.

ETLab adds a vital ingredient to existing innovation in these fields by developing tailored design ethnographic approaches to deliver realistic and plausible accounts of how people experience these technological and environmental shifts in complex everyday environments. We outline ethical approaches to shaping possible futures and provide recommendations for future design.

By harnessing new and innovative methods we foreground what really matters to people across diverse health-focused contexts to account for the crucial creative, sensory and relational facets of future health.

Our work delivers academic and applied impact through scholarly publications, public reports, video documentaries, websites, design prototypes, co-design workshops and critical recommendations for future designs and policies. We partner with healthcare organisations, industry and technology designers, in clinical and residential settings, with community services and in people’s homes.

At Monash, we connect with the Design Health Collab and the Digital Health initiative. Internationally we connect with our Autowork project colleagues at NTNU in Norway, Research[x]Design colleagues at KU Leuven in Belgium and Sensing Spaces of Healthcare colleagues in the United Kingdom.


Research Programme Lead

Dr Melisa Duque

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