A commitment to sustainability underpins all our projects and is developed both in response to our research partners in industry, charity and policy sectors and as part of our academic scholarship. Our work is sensitive to global goals, local policies and mainstream understandings of sustainability narratives, and seeks to advance new existing debates, practice and interventions through attention to research that attends to everyday experience, realistic visions of future possibilities and how new and emerging technologies might be part of these.

Our focus on sustainability is represented across all of the Lab’s themes: in seeking to intervene towards creating sustainable energy futures; in investigating the possibilities of new mobilities services, electric vehicles, and alternatives to air travel; in understanding health and wellbeing as forming part of sustainable futures; and in asking how future shared environments might be sustainable, in terms of environmental and social equalities and in our relations with non humans. Simultaneously other Lab projects directly address the relationship between sustainability and technology, manifested for instance in the need to consider how any new technologies have wider implications for our environment, both in their manufacturing processes and in their final destination as e-waste. Here we seek to ensure that this consciousness is part of all our discussions of technology, and collaborate to create new participatory and social approaches to designing for sustainable approaches to e-waste.

Our technology and sustainability research has academic and applied impact. It involves collaborations in the energy sector, with charities and other key stakeholders.

Dr Melisa Duque leads the Technology and Sustainability research program. Melisa is a design researcher whose work sits at the intersection between of Design Anthropology, Participatory Design and Everyday Design. She is particularly interested in 'revaluing' everyday objects to make their life cycle more sustainable.


E-waste Futures

Contact: Melisa Duque