Webinar | Net Zero Mobility

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27 Apr 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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This fifth webinar in the Net Zero series focused on net zero emissions transport. Decarbonising transport systems will be critical if Australia is to meet its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, and many of the solutions needed to achieve this are already available today. Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative offers potential for net zero emissions transport opportunities to be researched, tested and implemented at the precinct scale.

In this webinar, panel members Reeta Lad (Manager Transport, Monash University), Rachel Lynskey (Project Officer, Climateworks Australia) and Dr Roger Dargaville (Deputy Director, Monash Energy Institute), explored future transport needs and opportunities, pathways to achieve net zero emissions transport and learnings from the  implementation of some of these opportunities.

Roger provided insights from state-of-the-art research into EV impact on grids. Rachel shared the work ClimateWorks has done in mapping out the pathway to Net Zero transport emissions for Monash Clayton, and Reeta shared insights from the work her team does implementing some of these initiatives.

Priya Galketiya (Program Engineer, Net Zero Initiative, Monash University), hosted this event.

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Meet the speakers

Professor Severin Borenstein

Reeta Lad

Manager, Parking and. Traffic, Building and Property Division, Monash University

Reeta Lad has been a transport planner for over 20 years, with experience in the UK and Australia. She has worked in local and state government and in the tertiary sector in strategic planning, road safety, major projects, project management and contract management. Reeta is the Manager of Transport at Monash University. This team is responsible for the managing and planning of all transport services across the University’s four Australian campuses. The University has been instrumental in trialling new and innovating transport services include bike share, electric scooters and carshare programs to increase the use of sustainable transport modes. Reeta has also been involved in advocating the Government for additional public transport services to the Clayton Campus, including the 601bus service which is busiest bus route in Victoria. Reeta is passionate about sustainable transport and proving technology enable services to encourage more people to travel via sustainable transport modes.

Associate Professor James M. Sallee

Rachel Lynskey

Project Officer - Cities and Policy, ClimateWorks Australia

Rachel works in the Cities team at ClimateWorks Australia. The team focuses on facilitating policy shifts and embedding net zero emissions pathways in key urban sectors including transport and infrastructure. Rachel brings a passion for climate action along with a practical understanding of how transport network function and the policy implications for reaching net zero emissions in the transport sector. She works on accelerating transport sector emission reductions in Australia. Prior to joining ClimateWorks Australia, Rachel worked at Friends of the Earth Melbourne where she established the “Sustainable Cities campaign”, aiming to build positive change for sustainable transport in Melbourne. Rachel previously worked for the peak advocacy group for bike riders in Canberra. Her interest in climate solutions began when volunteering with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, including representing the youth delegation to the COP21 Paris climate talks in 2015.

Associate Professor Meredith Fowlie

Dr Roger Dargaville

Deputy Director, Monash Energy Institute
Director of Sustainability (Engineering)

Dr Roger Dargaville is an expert in energy systems and climate change. He specialises in large-scale electrical energy system transition optimisation, searching for optimised mixes of renewable and conventional generation technologies, transmission networks and storage systems. As well as established storage technologies such as pumped hydro and lithium-ion batteries, Roger researches the viability of novel energy storage technologies such as seawater pumped hydro and liquid air energy storage. He has conducted research in: global carbon cycle science, tracing the emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel and the exchanges between the atmosphere, land and oceans, as well as stratospheric ozone depletion.

Meet the host

Gordon Leslie

Priya Galketiya
Lead engineer, Monash Net Zero Initiative

Priya Galketiya is the lead engineer for the Monash Net Zero initiative. Priya has over 15 years’ experience with multidisciplinary projects across the resources, power and water sectors. He oversees delivery functions of Monash's net zero road map, with a focus on translating technical implementation into solutions to enable the broader transition to net-zero emissions.