Monash Energy News | December 2021

Last week, Monash Energy Institute hosted the 2021 State of Energy Research Conference (SoERC2021) featuring over 50 researchers and industry speakers from the energy community. 

We are honoured that so many researchers, both early career and experienced, shared their research during SoERC2021. The community of researchers and their industry partners that gathered represent hope and dedication to the most urgent and critical challenge facing humanity to date; anthropogenic climate change. Read the full Chair's Foreword here.Thank you to all the speakers and attendees that devoted their time to this conference. Recordings of the keynote speeches are now available on the ERICA YouTube channel.We wish you all a happy festive season and look forward to connecting with you in the new year.

Image of the inside of the Woodside Building of Technology, with bright red beams used as main support beams for the building, you can see 3 floors of the building in this image. The bottom floor has a long wooden staircase, and subsequent upper floors have tables and meeting rooms.
Woodside-Monash wins Industry Engagement award
The Woodside-Monash Partnership is the largest single industry-academia partnership in Australia, totalling $66.5 million to date.
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Profile image of Vale Chloe Munro, who is looking directly into the camera and smiling. Chloe has short hair, black glasses, dotted patterned shirt and black suit jacket.
Chloe Munro Scholarship Recipients
The Clean Energy Council announces the 15 recipients of the 2021 Chloe Munro Scholarship for Transformational Leadership.
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Image of a birds eye view of Monash University Clayton campus, with focus on Net Zero precinct and student residences. Buildings are shaped as two L's facing each other, with a large grass oval below them.
Monash and ENGIE commit to long-term alliance
Monash University and global energy company ENGIE have committed to a long-term alliance until 2030, following two years of collaboration to advance Monash’s UN award-winning Net Zero Initiative.
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Image of an animated battery icon on a dark blue background, stylised to look as if the battery icon has been electrified.
Climate change is essentially an energy challenge
An opinion piece on how "Climate change isn’t just a threat, it’s an emergency we’re deep into, and lower-carbon batteries are needed to supercharge the fight." by Dr Mahdokht Shaibani.
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Image of a red and white striped tall chimney with smoke coming out of the top and a clear blue sky behind it, signifying carbon emissions
Scientists call for urgent action to limit climate change
AMOS Vice-President, Deputy Director of the Monash Energy Institute, and energy systems expert Dr Roger Dargaville said to avoid the most dangerous extremes of climate change, the world needs to limit warming to less than 2°C — and as close to 1.5°C as possible.
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Close-up image of bright green leaves of an ash tree with leaves overlapping each other. Symbolising carbon capture.
Students win Musk's climate change award
Monash Carbon Capture and Conversion (MC3) have been awarded USD$250,000 in Elon Musk’s X-Prize competition for their BioTechnology proposal of biologically-assisted carbon capture and conversion methods.
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Close up image of a charger in a charging port of an grey coloured electric vehicle
EV revolution puts pressure on energy grid
The RACE for 2030 report has collated international research on EVs and issued a call to arms for new research to help resolve some barriers to uptake in Australia. 
Research partners include CSIRO, Monash University, UNSW, RMIT, and Curtin University.
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Image of a skyline view of Melbourne city, with an overview of train lines in the city, the sky is a sunset with an orange glow towards the horizon.
Melbourne's buildings' role to achieve net zero
Faculty of Engineering researchers have mapped sunlight in the City of Melbourne and found the city could provide 74 per cent of its own electricity needs by fully integrating solar power. Led by Professor Jacek Jasieniak.
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Image of a dark drey Google Chrome device sitting on a table with a white tablecloth, next to Google Chrome is a phone with a smart home application on the screen.
Smart homes for seniors project wins IoT award
The Emerging Technologies Research Lab has been recognised by the Internet of Things (IoT) Australia for research highlighting how modern technology can support older adults.
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Birds eye view of working table with four laptops with people typing, teapot and coffee cuts and phones on desk while people are working.
Demand Management Opportunities report
Monash University researchers have identified opportunities for better energy management to address lifestyle changes in Australian households. Published by the Emerging Technologies Research Lab, report led by Dr Larissa Nicholls.
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Close up image of a charger in a charging port of a blue coloured electric vehicle
The future for electric vehicles in Australia
The federal government has announced a new electric vehicles strategy and policy, but critics say it "misses the mark". Hear from Senior researcher Rupert Posner, from ClimateWorks Australia.
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Animation still from YouTube video showing Matt and Tony shaking hands in front of a stylised glass window, symbolising both friendship and collaboration.
Professor Tony Marxsen and Matt Zema's story
The Zema Energy Studies Scholarship has been established to honour the memory of AEMO’s founding Chief Executive Officer, energy reform leader and Monash alumnus Matt Zema. See Tony and Matt's story as they bonded over their shared experiences at Monash.
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