Monash Energy Newsletter submissions

Monash Energy News is Monash Energy Institute's monthly newsletter to promote our researchers and their work.

To submit an article, event, feature, or publication to Monash Energy News, fill in this online form

Potential stories would:

  • be relevant to the energy community
  • be timely, i.e. recent news, or coinciding with an upcoming event
  • demonstrate at least one of the four Focus Monash values: Excellent, International, Enterprising, Inclusive
  • include imagery or artwork in line with Monash brand guidelines (or you can include a suggested image for us to review).

After we receive your submission our team will review as required. The final newsletter will be put together at the editors discretion, however, all submissions should be available on our news and events page.

Our deadline allows time for editing, approval, proofing, eDM build, article uploading, image processing and other related processes.

Monash Energy News submission deadlines

Edition Submission deadline
January 20 January
February 17 February
March 23 March
April 21 April
May 21 May
June 22 June
July 21 July
August 18 August
September 23 September
October 21 October
November/December 9 December