Lynne Gallagher


By Ms Nancy Van Nieuwenhove | March 2021

Lynne Gallagher
Chief Executive Officer at Energy Consumers Australia
Partner Investigator, Digital Energy Futures
Industry Advisory Council member, Monash Energy Institute

Interests: energy markets, energy consumers, energy policies, renewable energy, energy transition, leadership and climate change, economic modelling, policy reform processes

Lynne Gallagher is the Chief Executive Officer of Energy Consumers Australia, which is the national advocacy organisation contributing to shaping Australia’s energy future for households and small businesses. She has been with Energy Consumers Australia for over 5 years and has over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector in strategy, policy and research roles. Prior to working in the energy sector, Lynne held senior executive roles in business and in the public sector, where she delivered major reforms that contributed to improving the financial and economic well being of many Australians. “Initially, the energy sector found me, as I had a very strong technical background in economic forecasting and modelling. I was sought out because traditional approaches no longer worked when consumers were becoming increasingly diverse in their use of energy, including greater take up of air-conditioning and rooftop solar PV. It is now more evident, the balance of power is shifting to consumers, in shaping the energy future, as technology is providing alternatives to reliance on traditional energy supply relationships. This work led to roles in advocating for reforms that focussed on consumers, and for more than a decade working on the opportunities and challenges in designing a future energy system to deliver cheap, abundant, and clean energy.”

Lynne’s vision of the changes happening in the energy sector is optimistic. “When I began in energy, there were relatively few women in the industry though that is changing and there are more women now in leadership roles. I was fortunate that early on two CEOs encouraged and supported my leadership on cutting edge issues, in taking risks and working collaboratively within the industry and with stakeholders. My advice to any women, either in the energy sector or starting out, is to be passionate about what you do and make your own path. There are more opportunities for diverse views and skills in shaping the energy future as the traditional dominance of engineering and economic regulation – and more recently the technologists - is giving ground to disciplines that focus on people and communities, their values and expectations and the need for resilience and social inclusion”.

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