Monash Hydrogen Energy Research Node

Monash Hydrogen Energy Research Node

The Monash Hydrogen Research Node leverages our multidisciplinary hydrogen expertise to support industry and government in the transition toward a carbon neutral energy future.

About Us


Hydrogen is expected to play a critical role in global energy transition, serving as a carrier for carbon neutral energy to decarbonise sectors such as transportation, manufacturing and chemicals processing.

Navigating this transition requires an understanding of the existing and emerging technologies in the hydrogen sector and their place in the broader energy landscape.

The Monash Hydrogen Energy Node aims to assemble skills and knowledge across the hydrogen value chain to tackle complex, systems-level challenges across technological, economical, socio-political and legal dimensions.

In doing so, Monash University is committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals outlined in our Impact 2030 plan.

Research Areas

Hydrogen research at Monash University spans technical and non-technical aspects of the value chain in conjunction with industry and research institutions.

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Dr Tom Hughes
Hydrogen Energy Research Node Leader
Monash University, Clayton Campus 

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