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Monash, as well as three other leading Australian universities, have partnered with Shanghai-based Baosteel Group - one of the world’s largest steel companies, to establish the Baosteel-Australia Joint Research and Development Centre (BAJRC).

BAJRC is a world-first joint venture that Baosteel has set up overseas. The proclaimed aim of the new initiative of Baosteel is to create an internationally recognised centre of excellence in research by harnessing and developing existing and emerging talent within the participating universities, including Monash University, the University of Queensland, the University of New South Wales and the University of Wollongong.

Through an enduring partnership, the Centre aims to conduct research and provide innovative technologies in areas of interest to Baosteel. The Centre will seek to create fundamental knowledge and exploitable technologies with commercial relevance to the steel industry, and will focus on metallurgy and new materials, energy utilisation, environmental sustainability and other new technologies.

Baosteel will provide up to $25 million over five years for research and development projects at the Centre.


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