Chemical Engineering Guest Seminar by Professor Dominic Foo

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16 Sep 2019 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Lecture Theatre E7, 14 Alliance Lane, Clayton campus

Process Integration for CO2 Reduction


As a result of the continued growth of anthropogenic emissions, CO2 in the atmosphere has exceeded the concentration of 400 ppm since 2013. This figure is well above both the pre-industrial concentration and the estimated safe level for sustainability. In the past decades, sustainability development has become a major focus for industrial sectors, government agencies and academic community at the global level. Concurrently, various systemat ic techniques have been developed within the chemical engineering community in past decades to abate CO2 emissions at various scales, ranging from plant-level combustion emissions to regional or national carbon footprints. In particular, process integration techniques that were originally developed for mass and energy resource conservation have now been extended to various emission and environmentally-constrained problems. This talk presents the various developed process integration techniques including pinch analysis and mathematical programming for various CO2 reduction problems in the power and process industries.


Professor Ir. Dr. Dominic C. Y. Foo is a Professor of Process Design and Integration at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, and is the Founding Director for the Centre of Excellence for Green Technologies. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), a Fellow of the Academy of Science Malaysia (ASM), a Chartered Engin eer (CEng) with the UK Engineering Council, a Professional Engineer (PEng) with the Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM), as well as the Vice President for the Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE). He is a world leading researcher in process integration for resource conservation. He establishes international collaboration with researchers from various countries in the Asia, Europe, American and Africa. Professor Foo is an active author, with five books, more than 150 journal papers and made more than 220 conference presentations, with more than 30 keynote/plenary speeches. He served as International Scientific Committees for many important international conferences (CHISA/PRES, FOCAPD, ESCAPE, PSE, etc.). Professor Foo is the Editor-in-Chief for Process Integration and Optimization for Sustainability (Springer Nature), Subject Editor for Trans IChemE Part B (Process Safety & Environmental Protection, Elsevier), and editorial board members for several other renown journals. He is the winners of the Innovator of the Year Award 2009 of IChemE, Young Engineer Award 2010 of IEM, Outstanding Young Malaysian Award 2012 of Junior Chamber International (JCI), as well as the SCEJ (Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan) Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer 2013, Vice-Chancellor’s Achievement Award 2014 (University of Nottingham) and Top Research Scientist Malaysia 2016 (ASM).

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