Civil Engineering Seminar by Dr Mingming Zhang

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16 May 2019 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Room 110A, 23 College Walk (Building 60), Clayton campus

Properties of bio-oil based fuel mixtures prepared from biomass fast pyrolysis and biodiesel production processes


Biomass is of increasing importance in sustainable energy supply as it is renewable and carbon neutral. However, the bulky and fibrous nature of biomass requires the fuel to be further pre-treated or converted into high energy density biofuels such as biochar and bio-oil. At the same time, biodiesel is considered to be an important renewable transport fuel. However, sustainable development of biodiesel industry has been impeded by the generation of a huge surplus of by-product (glycerol). The scope of this report focuses on the development of new and innovative strategies for co-utilisation of biochar, bio-oil and/or glycerol to obtain high quality fuel mixtures that can be used in stationary applications. It will be presented in two main aspects: (1) advances in characteristics of bio-oil/biochar slurry fuel, e.g. evolution of fuel properties and redistribution of alkali and alkaline earth metallic (AAEM) species during slurry ageing; (2) development of fuel blends, emulsions and slurries prepared from bio-oil/bio-oil frac tion, glycerol, and/or biochar.


Dr Mingming Zhang has been a postdoctoral research associate in Curtin University for three years (2 FTE years) before recently joining an oil analysis company. She received her Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology from China University of Mining and Technology, and her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Curtin University (Perth, AU). So far, Dr Zhang has published 19 papers (12 as first authored and 7 as second authored) in international journals such as Fuel, and Energy & Fuels.

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