ECSE Seminar by Dr Jennifer Boger

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30th Apr 2019 2:30pm-3:30pm
Room 132, 14 Alliance Lane (Building 72), Clayton campus

Intelligent technologies for supporting graceful aging


Aging is a complex, dynamic, and highly individualistic journey. If our society is to age in a way that supports individuality, dignity, and choices, we need to understand and support the physical, mental, and social changes that can accompany aging. Intelligent technologies that appropriately leverage advances in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and human-computer interfacing have powerful potential to complement the different needs and abilities of individuals in an adaptable and flexible manner. This can enable multiple stakeholders to achieve goals that are meaningful to them. While the potential of such technologies is immense, they are useful only if they fit into each technology user’s context and address his or her needs. This seminar will give an overview of Dr. Boger’s work regarding the transdisciplinary co-development of intelligent technologies for supporting aging in several contexts, including: 1) Rehabilitation and Healthcare; 2) Caregiving; and 3) Recreation and Social Inclusion. She will discuss examples of her research team’s work in these areas as well as directions for future inquiry.


Dr. Jennifer Boger is a Director, Intelligent Technology for Wellness and Independent Living (ITWIL) lab, Schlegel Chair in Technology for Independent Living, Research Institute for Aging. Assistant Professor, Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo.

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