MAE Seminar by A/Prof Daniel New Tze How

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13 Aug 2019 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Vortex-rings impacting upon solid boundaries


A vortex-ring is one of the most fundamental vortical structures that one can encounter in the studies of fluid dynamics. Despite their simplicity however, their behaviour under a variety of flow scenarios can very often inform us upon more complex engineering flow applications that involves vortex-vortex or vortex-boundary interactions. This is not forgetting that numerical and physical robustness of CFD approaches for fundamental flow studies can sometimes be well-validated by the modelling of vortex-ring behaviour. In this seminar, experimental results arising from the interactions between low Reynolds number laminar vortex-rings and different solid boundaries will be presented to showcase their intriguing behaviour under a range of interesting initial and boundary conditio ns. Attention will be paid towards how planar laser-induced fluorescence visualization and particle-image velocimetry are able to shed light upon the surprisingly rich three-dimensional vortical changes.


Daniel T. H. New graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. He worked in Temasek Laboratories, NUS (TL@NUS) as an Associate Scientist (2000) and later as a Research Scientist (2004), before venturing into high-speed combustion research at the University of Texas, Arlington as a post-doctoral researcher (2004-2005). He joined the University of Liverpool, UK (2005) as a Lecturer and collaborated with dstl, MoD UK on jet flow control strategies with support from EPSRC UK and The Royal Society. He joined Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2010) as an Assistant Professor, before as an Associate Professor (2017) and the school’s Associate Chair (Students) (2016 -2018). His current research interests include vortex-ring dynamics, jet flow control, supersonic flows and propulsion.

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