Monash smart traffic management solution

We’ve all noticed it. Traffic congestion is a growing problem. It’s not just an inconvenience, it’s costing our economy and we need to find solutions, fast.

Traffic congestion is not unique to Australian cities. Due to the rapid urbanisation of society, congestion affects all large cities around the world.

Expanding expensive infrastructure, such as roads, should only be undertaken after smart, cost-effective traffic management alternatives have been carefully investigated and fully exploited. Intelligent transport systems that are underpinned by advanced information and communication technologies are  a  cost-effective way to better manage our transport network and its congestion.

Monash University is currently developing a new intelligent transport system which will form the basis for large-scale, integrated and coordinated metropolitan network traffic management in Melbourne and beyond.

This research is built upon an idea known as Integrated Network Management which was first proposed by Delft University of Technology (TUD, Netherlands). Integrated Network Management is a state-of-the-art platform that enables efficient management of large scale transport networks. The system is underpinned  by  sophisticated  control  algorithms  and  real-time data-driven traffic estimation and prediction techniques utilising all the available data collected from various sources.

In partnership with government agencies and industry partners, Integrated Network Management enables integration and coordination between motorways and arterial roads, and offers an opportunity to manage overall mobility needs using a range of transport modes, including public transport and active transport  such  as  bicycles.

A pilot of the Integrated Network Management (INM) system was deployed in Amsterdam providing very significant benefits. Initial results showed a reduction of up to 30 per cent in delays on the studied subnetwork.

As a result, the INM system is currently being rolled out on a larger scale in Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands.

A pilot INM system is currently being developed for Melbourne by a team from Monash, led by Professor Hai L. Vu, who is an expert in this field. The researchers, who are working closely with Vicroads and industry partners, expect similarly significant benefits.