Sherilyn steps ahead with the Monash Engineering Leadership Program

Sherilyn D'Costa
Sherilyn D’Costa

An engineering degree provides the technical skills to work in the industry, but what about the know-how to really succeed? For skills like communication, networking, sustainability and project management, the internationally recognised Monash Engineering Leadership Program can make all the difference.

Sherilyn D’Costa is an international student who entered the program in the second year of her engineering and biomedicine double degree. “I received an offer to join this incredible program as part of the International Scholarship for Excellence award for my year 12 results,” she  said.

Students may be invited to the program based on their ATAR, or they may join through a mid-year call for applications.

To kick off the leadership program, all students attend a three-day residential induction where they get to know the people they’ll be going through the program with. However, Sherilyn said, “What amazed me most about the residential was how well I got to know myself.”

Engaging extra-curricular modules are led by industry experts. According to Sherilyn, the modules helped her understand that engineering is more than just solving problems and providing solutions. Understanding oneself and others, communication skills, innovation and entrepreneurship, and project management  are just some of the 12 module topics, which are presented along with workshops and panel discussions.

Visits to and exclusive scholarships from industry partners are some of the other benefits of the program.

The program concludes with a celebratory graduation dinner.

“The dinner was a celebration of lasting friendships,” Sherilyn said. “Graduating from the program gave me a sense of accomplishment, something that would stand out on my resume,” she added, looking back on her experience.

The Monash Engineering Leadership Program is the next step on the path to a rewarding engineering career for students ready for the challenge.

We encourage anyone motivated to develop their leadership skills to apply through our mid-year intake process. Each year around 70 engineering students get the chance for a head start on a successful career with the program. Applications open August 25, 2016.

Information sessions will be held on Monday 22 August and Tuesday 23 August – to register your attendance, please visit

To find out more about the program, please visit or email