Dr Sepideh Afshar awarded a 2018 Victoria Fellowship

Dr Sepideh Afshar

Monash University chemical engineering research fellow Dr Sepideh Afshar was awarded a 2018 Victoria Fellowship, announced at an awards ceremony hosted by veski. Veski is an organisation dedicated to fostering an innovative economy, engaged by the Victorian Government since 2013 to administer and host the annual awards designed to drive science and innovation in Victoria.

Dr Afshar is a researcher working to improve dry powdered products for Victorian dairy industry, one of the largest agricultural industry sectors in Victoria. Dry powdered products such as milk powder, infant formula and whey proteins are produced through spray drying, an energy-intensive manufacturing process where product can be lost or wasted when optimal drying techniques can’t be determined.

The 2018 Victoria Fellowship travel grant will be used by Dr Afshar to visit the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) to conduct experimental studies into optimal industrial spray drying techniques in one of the world’s premier sites for drying research, using her existing research strengths in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

“The 2018 Victoria Fellowship will allow me obtain comprehensive skills in multi-stage spray drying systems, while also using my CFD skills to better predict drying behaviours in large-scale industrial systems,” said Dr Afshar. “The outcome of the Fellowship will contribute to potential energy savings in spray drying operations, help to reduce wastage and offer better quality Victorian milk products to the domestic and international market.”

“I am very thankful to veski and the Victorian Government for awarding me the 2018 Fellowship, and I look forward to the contribution my research will make to the Victorian dairy industry and wider economy.”