Finding innovative solutions to Australia's growing urbanisation

Environmental engineering at monash

Environmental Engineering is a truly interdisciplinary practice, and a key aspect of our research and teaching capabilities here at Monash. With a strong focus on urban sustainability, the Department of Civil Engineering is expanding its capacities in Environmental Engineering to further build excellence to what is already the number one engineering community in Australia.

Our Department, is no exception and although we have excellent research and teaching breadth and strong industry connections and collaborations, several important areas within Environmental Engineering have been identified where our capacity could be enhanced. These specific areas include environmental modelling, monitoring and assessment, soil remediation and solid waste treatment, sustainable materials development including recycling and life cycle assessment, and infrastructure adaptation to climate change. Consequently we are hiring in all of these areas.

Across the Department of Civil Engineering we are striving to advance undergraduate teaching in the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, and also research and innovation in the sustainability of urban environments. This requires good quality research and dynamic collaborations. We currently maintain high competency in fundamental research with a number of ARC-funded projects, several of which are underway in collaboration with various local and international industry partners.

Associate Professor Victor Chang explains, “We have partnerships that research waste to energy and materials with several industry partners in China, and are hoping to expand this to incorporate health and safety in underground mine site”. The most recent partnership has been with the Robert Bosch Asian Pacific R&D centre in Singapore and Shanghai in the area of ventilation hygiene and sensing. These collaborations are set to grow over the coming years and will deliver major advancements in the field with rolling impact to industry and broader society.