‘Groovy patches’ take Muthu to national FameLab finals

Muthu Vellayappan famelab

Materials Science and Engineering PhD student Muthu Vellayappan will compete in the national finals of the FameLab competition tomorrow, the world’s leading science communication competition held by the British Council.

One of ten finalists from across Australia and the only representative from a Victorian university, Muthu will present his research on ‘Groovy Patches’, a 3D printed technology offering an improved cardiac patch material that helps heart muscle cells repair more effectively after a heart attack.

“I’ll be presenting my research on how 3D printed materials can geometrically stimulate heart cells to align and beat in time,” said Muthu. “The structure helps the heart cells to snuggle and grow in an aligned fashion." Muthu will be tasked with presenting his research in a three minute talk to a judging panel and an audience drawn from the science, business, arts and media communities, with no PowerPoint presentations allowed. The FameLab Australia winner will then compete at the FameLab International final at the Cheltenham Science Festival in June.

"I'm feeling very excited about the national finals, and I hope I represent Monash admirably,” Muthu said. "My deepest gratitude goes to my supervisors Professor Neil Cameron and Dr. Andrey Molotnikov for the excellent guidance, the Materials Science and Engineering head of department and the coordinator for their encouragement, and Marta Skrbis, Dr. Rosalind and Dr. Negar from Monash English Connect for the support."

The Faculty of Engineering wishes Muthu all the very best for his presentation!

Photo credit: Mark Gambino, British Council