Strong foundations for a GRIPping career

GRIPping career

Today, researchers are expected to be adaptable, interdisciplinary and apply their research in meaningful ways. For the last two years Monash University has been working to achieve this with a graduate research program that closely partners with Australian organisations. The Department of Civil Engineering hosts the largest number of GRIPs (Graduate Research Industry Partnerships) within the University, with this GRIP undertaking a variety of projects in the field of Sustainable Effective Public Transport (SEPT).

Eighteen research projects are underway in the SEPT-GRIP, which combines a research project with an advanced collaborative professional development program, based in the field and jointly funded by an industry partner. Current partners with the SEPT-GRIP include Public Transport Victoria, Metro Trains Melbourne, Yarra Trams, VicRoads, Transdev Melbourne, and The Bus Association of Victoria.

PhD candidate Taru Jain didn’t initially feel industry sponsorship of her PhD was a large drawing card, but as the program progressed she realised the enormous benefits of its structure, including professional visibility and self-satisfaction. She says her project in partnership with Public Transport Victoria, which investigates the impact of shared modes on travel behaviour, “has tremendous leverage in terms of contributing directly to society and you can see the impact of your research very quickly”. The GRIP program has allowed Taru to learn a number of new methods, techniques and software in a short space of time which she feels is only possible because of the applied, real-world nature of her PhD project, equipping her for a fulfilling career.

Eighteen projects commenced in April 2016 at Monash University as part of the SEPT-GRIP, which brings together six faculties around the topic of Sustainable and Effective Public Transport (SEPT). The SEPT-GRIP is jointly funded by Monash University and industry groups, and includes an advanced collaborative professional development program based in the field with industry.

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