Summer Research Program opens for applications

Alex Lin

Before starting the fifth year of his Bachelor of Biomedical Science/Bachelor of Engineering, Monash University student Alex Lin undertook a Summer Research Program project as a way to explore the possibilities of bioprinting.  Although he was majoring in Chemical Engineering, Alex saw the SRP as an exciting opportunity to study something new.

“Bioprinting has great potential in the field of regenerative medicine, in particular for organ transplantation,” he said. “This was a large reason why my project was conducted on bioprinting, because of the many benefits it could lead to in the future.”

Now open for applications, the 2018-2019 Summer Research Program offers similar opportunities for eligible students completing their third year or higher of an Engineering or Science degree.  With 63 projects to choose from, participants benefit from experiencing hands-on engineering research under full academic supervision, while connecting with industry partners for better career opportunities.

For example, a project converting waste tyres into fuels, supervised by Professor Sankar Bhattarcharya, will result in publishable work in peer-reviewed journals.  An environmental engineering project monitoring water quality in the Yarra River will offer the opportunity to develop direct industry connections with Melbourne Water, the EPA and Yarra Ranges Council. A food manufacturing project will offer training in analytical testing and equipment use in Monash University’s food laboratories and centre.

Students can also attend a series of sessions teaching research skills and gain an introduction to the engineering research community. Throughout the program, students also have the opportunity to present their research to their peers and academics, including oral presentations and a poster conference.

A twelve-week program running from November to February, the Summer Research Program is open to anyone enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate (coursework) student with an Australian university with a weighted average mark of 80 or higher. Students also receive a $400 per week scholarship throughout the duration of the program, and those travelling to Monash University from outside metropolitan Melbourne will be reimbursed for travel to Melbourne and additional living costs.

Reflecting on his experience in the Summer Research Program, Alex said: “It has been a very eye-opening and informative experience into the field of bioprinting and the possibilities that this has for the future.” Alex enjoyed the process throughout and appreciated learning new skills that he could apply to his studies and future work.

Find out more about the Graduate Summer Research Program and apply before 27 July 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact the Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Office:

T: 03 9902 0279