Three days of Engineering fun during the school holidays

Year 8 challenge

For three days every winter school holidays, Victorian Year 8 students are invited to participate in the Monash Engineering ChallENGe. From 2-4 July at the Clayton campus, students participate in a number of workshops to gain hands-on experience working as an engineer. Although the Challenge is open to anyone in year 8, this year Monash has offered 20 scholarships to female students who are interested to attend but live in regional Victoria. The scholarships pay for attendance fees and the cost of accommodation for the duration of the Challenge.

Students participate in seven workshops, each reflecting an aspect of the engineering degree program.  They undertake experiments, design and build new structures, explore new materials and develop 3D digital creations. The program is designed and delivered by academics from the Monash’s Faculty of Engineering. In the past, students have had their eyes opened to the possibilities that following an engineering path creates, and has helped them focus the structure of their secondary school studies so they can continue in engineering.

Our Department is running three of the workshops; civil, environmental and resources engineering. One workshop will ask students to design, build and test small-scale bridges made from spaghetti and then compete for the bridge with the highest strength to weight ratio. Another will help students understand what resources they will consume in their lifetime and experiment with wind power generation, with students striving to create the most efficient designs. Other workshops include chemical engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering and game design.

More information can be obtained from the Year 8 ChallENGe website. Early bird registrations are open until Friday 1 June, and registrations close Wednesday 27 June. Enquires about the scholarships available for girls living in regional Victoria can be directed to or 9905 4895.