World-first "smart drying" technology attracts IChemE Global Award

Professor Cordelia Selomulya (Department of Chemical Engineering)

To extend the shelf life of Australia’s powdered dairy exports, such as infant formula, Cordelia Selomulya, Professor of Chemical Engineering, and her team at Monash have developed the technology to improve spray drying (using a hot gas to produce dry powder from a liquid or slurry). Their outstanding work has now been recognised at the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Global Awards 2018 in Manchester, England, winning the Food and Drink Award for Collaborative Food and Dairy Research.

Milk powders, whey powders, and milk protein concentrates together make up half of Australia’s $2 billion dairy export industry. The “smart drying” technology helps to define conditions to maintain powder quality during transport and storage, which will help meet the growing demand for dairy products in places such as Southeast Asia. By using lower temperatures and more efficient evaporative processes, this approach also saves energy and reduces waste for commercial partners.

“The Food and Drink Award focuses on impact on the sector, with most of the finalists from industry, including large multinationals from around the world,” explains Cordelia. “It’s a nice testament to Monash’s commitment to collaborating with the food and agriculture sector, particularly in Australia. We will continue to grow this effort with our unique Monash brand, including through Monash Food Innovation.”

Congratulations to Cordelia and her team on this acknowledgement of their significant achievement!