Meet MEG, a new engineering community for high school girls

To celebrate today’s International Day for Women and Girls In STEM, we’re excited to launch the Monash Engineering Girls (MEG) program, a new community for high school girls interested in maths, science, technology and design.

MEG invites girls in Years 9 and 10 to participate in free engineering workshops, special activities and VIP events held on campus at Monash throughout each year. MEG members will be encouraged to feel part of a community supporting them to explore their skills, talents and potential as future engineers, and experience being part of Monash University while still at high school.

MEG members will have the chance to connect with current Engineering students, including meeting our amazing student clubs and project teams, and learn about studying Engineering at university. They’ll also meet female academic staff and alumni to hear about the fascinating international career opportunities available for professional engineers. Through workshops and activities, MEG members will have the chance to explore their creativity, critical thinking and teamwork skills in a fun environment offering plenty of encouragement and support.

“It’s very important for girls to know that maths and physical sciences are tools that can be used to design and build real things that are useful for people, and can help create a better world, “ said Professor Elizabeth Croft, Dean of Engineering. “All of those calculations have a purpose - they can be used to design a new energy system, a cleaner water filter, a non-toxic material, less wasteful food products, or better ways to make things fly or move or connect. This design process is ‘engineering’.”

“We warmly invite high school girls to become part of MEG and explore how their maths and science skills can help change the world. We encourage their teachers and parents, especially their dads, to join us in supporting girls to choose powerful and purposeful careers in engineering.”

Our first MEG members will be invited to stay on each year up to Year 12, with activities and events designed to increasingly challenge their level of learning and achievement. Each year, MEG will open up to new Year 9s, creating a growing community of girls and young women taking their first steps together into an engineering career.

Register your interest in MEG, starting with our April 11 Engineering 101 workshop.

For more information contact:

Helen O’Keeffe
P:  9905 9291