Student rocketeers lift off with a bang

New student rocketeer team Monash High Powered Rocketry made a spectacular lift off with the successful test launch of their Athena V1 rocket, their 10,000 ft entry into the Australian Universities Rocket Competition.

After the successful launch at the Queensland Rocketry Society last weekend, Monash HPR became the first university team in Australia to achieve international-standard Level 3 certification, the highest level of certification in amateur rocketry. For a student team in only their first year of operations, this is a significant achievement and a sign of great success to come.

“We’re are super proud to be the first university team to come this far,” said team lead and aerospace engineering student Meaghan Munro. “We’ve been preparing for the competition since our official inception in July 2018, however, a small group of us began research in March. We’ve now got our sights on the Australian Universities Rocket Competition at Thunda 2019 in April.”

Monash HPR includes 41 members, many completing double degrees in Engineering and Science. The team is largely comprised of aerospace engineering students, with mechanical, mechatronics, electrical and materials engineering students providing the essential cross-disciplinary support. One Commerce/Law student keeps the business side running smoothly, while the engineers and scientists work out the rocket science and mechanics of high-powered rocket flight.

As well as blasting into Thunda 2019 in a few months time, Monash HPR will spend this year developing and testing air brake systems, active stabilisation, and custom hybrid propulsion systems. Ultimately, they’ll work towards entry into Spaceport America Cup in 2020, the world's largest intercollegiate rocket engineering conference and competition.

Team academic supervisor Dr Callum Atkinson said, "The team’s successful certification was the result of the significant work and dedication that has been shown by every member of this team, and highlights the fantastic progress made in the team's first year."

"For undergraduate students, who were mostly without any previous experience in rocketry, it has been a delight to see them overcome the numerous engineering challenges in theory, design, fabrication, logistics and management. This is rocket science, I'm excited to see what can be achieved at Thunda 2019, and in future competitions on the international stage."

We're also excited to Monash High Powered Rocketry soar high over the coming years. To follow their progress and receive updates about team recruitment, visit their website