Nova Rover team all set to compete in the 2019 University Rover Challenge

It’s official! The Monash Nova Rover Team are heading to Utah this May to compete in the 2019 University Rover Challenge, an international student competition to design and build a next-generation Mars Rover. After the most competitive process in URC history, the Nova Rover team won their place among 36 teams from 10 countries with their improved 2019 Rover design, and will be the only team in the Southern Hemisphere to compete as finalists in this year’s challenge.

See the new 2019 Nova Rover and hear from the team:

A multidisciplinary team of undergraduate Engineering and Science students, the Nova Rover team is well on track to beat their incredible first-year result in the 2018 URC competition, where they placed 14th out of 95 teams. “We scored 89.45 out of 100 in our Systems Acceptance Review milestone, with a perfect score for our science section,” said Nova Rover team member Iain Hammond. “The highest score last year was 90.70,  so we’re well up there in the competition. The whole team is absolutely ecstatic, and we’re very happy we did as well as we’d hoped.”

Over three days of competition, the Nova Rover will be pushed to its limits at the Mars Desert Research Station, a space analog facility that offers one of the most extreme, Mars-like environments on Earth. The team will complete tasks in extreme retrieval and delivery, equipment servicing, autonomous traversal and science, all tasks a real Mars rover will need to undertake in support of human exploration of the Red Planet.

Monash University’s Dean of Engineering Professor Elizabeth Croft said, “I am delighted to hear that the Nova Rover team has won their place as finalists in the 2019 URC Challenge, and will be representing Monash in the world’s premier robotics competition for university students. Our students have demonstrated immense talent and exceptional teamwork capability to progress to the finals in a highly competitive field, and know they’ll do us proud in Utah.”

Stay in touch with the Monash Nova Rover Team via their Facebook page as they prepare for competition at the Mars Desert Research Station on May 30-June 1.